July Photo Hunt

Well seeing how it was my (and Jen's) idea to do this photo hunt this month you'd hope that we'd be able to get everything. I honestly didn't think I would finish it today, as 8 of these were taken today and two more yesterday, the rest were taken on our big holiday this month. Enjoy looking at my interpretation and I look forward to seeing all of yours!

Head over to Jen's blog to see who finished!

1. A disney character

2. someone in uniform - again difficult one... does it count?

3. a work of art - my nephew's haunted house

4. a word with unusual lettering

5. a hat

6. a tree native to your area

7. a bug

8. library - story time

9. a sign in 2 languages - this was the best i could do

10. foreign money

11. a pool

12. color purple

13. window view

14. crying

15. fruit

16. a sport - the highlight of our summer

17. sky - an amazing thunderstorm rolling in

18. license plate - hard to capture while driving

19. height - we drove up that raod to an amazing 'lookout'

20. music - to my kids ears ~ not mine


SOOC ~ Ice Cream

After our Raspberry Picking we headed across the street to the dairy. I got my eldest to snap a shot of little boo and her ice cream. The lighting was perfect from her viewpoint and she captured this great shot!

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SSS - Raspberries

We live in an amazing city with an abundace of berry fields and berries to pick. Now that strawberry season is over, we are on to raspberry season. My mom and I loaded up the 5 kids and headed out to the field. I knew that I didn't have a shadow shot yet so Ii tried to find one, and with the beautiful sun today it wasn't too hard!

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This was actually at lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Every picture I have is of the complete opposite of silence... Even now as I type this there is no silence... the keys typing and little girls (who should be sleeping) giggling in the back ground.

So I snuck outside and by the light of the street light I got a little reprive...

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SOOC - Red Red Rose

This first one is my favorite. I have a beautiful rose bush at my front door, that gives me tons of flowers every year. The one stem has 7 on the top this time. I went out and took a picture just after the kids finished watering the garden yesterday morning.
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SSS ~ Hop Scotch

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A new hunt for July

JEN and ALEXA are wanting to do another photo hunt this month and because we couldn't find anything out there... we decided to host our own.

We are going to use Jen's blog Phun with Photography to host a little photo hunt for the month of July.
So head on over to Phun with Photography and sign up with Mr. Linky

There will be a prize for the winner !!! At this point we aren't quite sure how we will pick the winner; if we will pick or if we will have you vote.

So here's the list we came up with. Hopefully we haven't duplicated too much of our recent finds.

  1. disney character
  2. someone in uniform
  3. work of art
  4. A word spelled with unusual lettering
  5. a hat
  6. a tree native to your area
  7. a bug
  8. library/book
  9. sign in more than 2 languages
  10. money/ foreign currency
  11. a pool
  12. the colour purple
  13. a view through a window or a window view
  14. crying
  15. a fruit
  16. a sport
  17. sky
  18. license plate from another State/Province/Country
  19. Height
  20. Music