Sweet Sauer Photo Hunt - Done!!

Well I managed to get almost all of the pictures I needed. I had to dig up 2 from my archives to finish it off (a door way and my version of a cemetery). But it's done and you can click here: MY PICASA ALBUM to see my pictures. Or click here:
sweet sauer photo hunt

If you go to Kristi's Sweet Sauer Blog you can see all the participants and have the chance to vote May 1-7. Click HERE to go to her blog.


Macro Monday - lily

I thought i'd have some fun with the lily I bought my mom last week. This is my favorite shot!
Check out more Macro monday pictures by clicking on the picture below.

Mellow Yellow ~ Bump

I let my son choose today's yellow picture. He has a rather huge fascination with street signs (and lights) and pretty much anything to do with driving and he's got a dozen or so years to go. So of course when he saw this sign in my folder it had to be this instead of my beautiful tulips and lillys i would have chosen.



Lone Red Tulip

I love the bright center and faded outer petals of the lone red tulip in our garden.

Fresh Dried Laundry

I love that this shot means that I got to hang my laundry to dry for the first time this spring. I absolutely love the smell of sheets dried on the line.


Sky Watch Friday

This is about as interesting as the sky has gotten around here lately. Lots of Beautiful cumulus clouds!! And the lone bird ~ that appears as a smudge ☺See the post below for another sky shot this week.


The reason I love to come home

This is the view as we crest the hill to drive back into town...

Here's middle boo's photo monday picture. He's been snapping pictures all morning so I got him to choose one.

Macro Monday

We ventured out for a bit yesterday and my hubby took the camera to have some fun experimenting with the camera and different shots. So I chose one of his for my Macro Monday shot.


My kitty - SOOC

I snapped this shot friday night as Dessie was sunning herself infront of the house.

Angel Shadow

We had beautiful weather this week and spent a fair amount of time out on the sundeck. Little Boo found some dress-up clothes that needed mending. She wouldn't stop until i fixed it so she could wear it, i got some done and saw a great shawdow shot... the one i thought was "so great" was not at all... but this one turned out.

Middle Boo and I had fun taking some shawdow shots!

Photo Hunt #158 ~ Purple

"Why is purple at the end of the rainbow?" I don't know if this is playing by the rules, but here's my shot for this weeks theme ~ purple.


Mt Baker

I wouldn't say that this photo is that great... but i love how the mountain looks like it's made of many clouds.

Our deck chairs

Middle Boo is on a HUGE camera kick this week... what have i started LOL yesterday he ran around taking a million pictures. The best was when he came running up and declared he had to take a picture... Of what? I asked. ~ little Boo's snotty nose!!

I love his perspective, being a few feet shorter, his shots are much different than mine.

Pic a theme has by monthly themes... i thought I'd join in in my own way. The end of April is chairs and benches.


The Boos Weekly Photos

Middle Boo:

Big Boo:
Can you tell we had pancakes for breakfast this weekend.

Macro Monday - He is not here...

He is ALIVE!!

The kids each had an empty egg in their Easter baskets to remind them of why we celebrate Easter.


Lily's flower - SOOC

Straight Out of the Camera Sunday is another fun posting... Check it out HERE

Here's my contribution
Our Chinese girls planted some flowers in the fall that bloomed months after they had left. I captured it exactly how I wanted to!

Sweetsauer Photo Hunt #1

I don't know how JEN found all these photo contests, but thanks!! I LOVE IT ☺☺☺☺

Here's a challenging one... I wonder if I'll be able to do ti?? Check out Sweet Sauer


Shadow Shot Sunday

Here's my shadow shot for this week. I was trying to get a picture of little boo's snappy and loved how this shot turned out. I think she just discovered shadows for the first time.