Sweet Sauer Photo Hunt #2

I'm amazed that I managed to finish this one on time early even. Good thing my June file had lots to choose from. You can see the slideshow below or go here to my Picasa Album to see my pictures. Some of the pictures are better looked at full size over in my album.

Thanks again to Kristi over at Mi Vida Ocupada for hosting her second photo hunt. Once again I had an awesome time!


SOOC ~ Lily

My lilys finally bloomed creating a beautiful display in my garden. Every time I am given one by my husband, I plant it with the rest. Click on the button to see who else joined in on Jan's Straight out of the Camera.

SSS ~ wagon

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Round Robin ~ Wildlife

Good thing we just happened to go to the zoo last week. So i had quite a few to choose from for my wildlife shot. I chose this one because I have always loved animals from the Cervidae family. I love how the antlers form by having the velvet bring blood to the ends to help them grow. What an amazing Creation!!Click on the button below to see the rest of the Round Robin participants.


SOOC - Strawberries

Tis strawberry season around here... we are LOVING enjoying them!!!

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Shadow Shot - Ribbon

Shadow shot sunday has become one of my favorites. And although I don't always find a shot to post, I love to look at others. This week the shadow of the lace of the ribbon jumped out at me, so I thought I'd share it.

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Sweet Sauer Photo Hunt #2

Well I'm on the hunt again... Kristi over at Mi Vida Ocupada is hosting her second photo hunt. I had such a great time with her first, that it's time to try again. Click on the button to take you to the details of this hunt, or scroll down for the list.

1. A View from Above (looking down)
2. A Macro Shot
3. Laughter
4. Relaxation
5. A Celebration
6. A Sunset
7. Sun/Lens Flare
8. A Bridge
9. A Shadow
10. A Garden
11. A Park
12. A Street Scene
13. Signage
14. A Summer Activity
15. A Summer Treat
16. Earth
17. Air/ Wind
18. Fire
19. Water
20. Something Vintage (pre-1980)
21. Something Made of Glass
22. Something Made of Wood
23. Something that Floats
24. Something Railroad Related
25. Something Round


Sky Watch Friday ~ Great Blue Heron

We visited the Great Blue Heron Nature Reserve last week and saw many nests full of babies. They were so high up and we saw the moms coming and going. It was neat to see such amazingly large birds.

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