Shadow Shot - Ribbon

Shadow shot sunday has become one of my favorites. And although I don't always find a shot to post, I love to look at others. This week the shadow of the lace of the ribbon jumped out at me, so I thought I'd share it.

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  1. O-Kay, way too cute! Love the shadow and the idea of the jar with the strawberries and the tag "hand picked by"... sooooo cute and such a great idea! :)
    (frugal idea too!)

  2. TOTALLY frugal. Had it all right here ☺ This was for Anita when i asked her to come watch little Boo.
    The teachers loved it too. Now what to do with those brownie mixes? Forgot at church yesterday LOL

  3. Well spotted shadow. I like the subtle lace shadow edging and I LOVE strawberries. Bring on strawberry season ;) Love the tag too, very cute and personal.