DD was given an assignment as we went away this weekend to see how many habitats she could find... well I jumped right on that...

I had a great time and we actually found MANY different animals...

Opa saw a grizzly one day out on the boat, and a black bear the next... we return home only to find that a bear cub had been up our neighbor's tree all day friday :( and we missed it!!

Uncle had a mouse building a nest in his battery box...
We had the fish and the shrimp in the lake...

And don't forget the worms we had to dig up to catch the fish...

The mating ducks... the male was very insistant that the two females with him were his and he did NOT want any more... he kept chasing the others away....The beaver dam and the horses in the field...The frogs that mom and Danika caught... dani had to go find more after Oma found her two little ones... she played with them all weekend... like last year with natalie, only then there were millions!!Some kind of habitat... any guesses??The beautiful butterflies... i saw at least 3 around this tree...
And finally the hawks nest along the side of the main road...


The Canyon

We enjoyed God's beautiful creation on Mother's Day. Our family and Mom headed out of town to enjoy some amazing scenery on the river.

I was amazed at this:

Can you read that little white sign??I love anything to do with geography and the outdoors.... i have more pictures than i needed of the river!


Hanging Baskets

A local store has a $5 hanging basket mother's day special...

So mom, the kids, and dd's bff went there and made some beautiful hanging baskets...

it seems to be a yearly tradition that i would love to continue, though maybe one day it will be dad that takes them and mom can be surprised!!

A busy Mother's Day

DD was busy creating this past week in anticipation of Mother's Day.

I was very impressed with her thoughtfulness and creativeness. Dad took the kids to the store cause DD really wanted to buy me flowers... they came home with flowers and a balloon... (included here are my beautiful bday flowers too)


Arbour Day

I went with DD and her class on an Arbour Day field trip... it was great for me to see all the displays, the owls, the search and rescue display and the counting rings/inside of a tree demo.

DS and baby and I went back later and saw this... i think my favorite part.

We all came away with new trees too... to add to our collection!!


She sprouted a tooth...

Finally after months of teething, Baby popped her first tooth. Now if only that would mean that she'd sleep longer, then we'd all be really happy around here.

I told my mom monday night that it was going to come through that night. She didn't believe me, as I've been saying it for a while. But monday i was sure of it, as it was the first time i could see the ridges so clearly like the tooth was through, but there was just no sharpness to be found.

So tuesday at 5am when she woke, the first thing i did was stick my finger in her mouth, and sur enough there it was!!! She's the youngest of the three to get their first tooth. Number 1 was 10 1/2 months and Number 2 was 9 1/2 months... seems to be a pattern... though I know she won't follow that same pattern for walking, or she would be already LOL


The BIG 3-0

Can you believe it?? I get to celebrate my thirtieth birthday!

My bff and I were treated to a wonderful massage and pedicure from our SO thoughtful hubbys.

Afterwards we went out for Greek food ~ it was delicious.. i don't even know what it was called that I had, but it was pastry wrapped around lots of different seafood and asapagus... VERY YUMMY!!

Then we were treated to a 'surprise' party with our friends. Thanks alot hostess and hubbys for planning.