I'm back (!?!!!!)

So I made it back to the blogger world, but there is still a ways to go and I may have lost some of you along the way....

Here's a little story to get you started:

I have received a few Gerbera Daisies as gifts through the years, and they bloom once and i faithfully water them only to have them never flower again (just leaves and more leaves) and after the next season it usually gets chucked cause i figure i have killed it somehow.

Well last year Sarah brought me a beautiful HUGE pot (with 3 pants) when little boo was born. It sat outside all winter long, maybe i brought it in for a bit but then i put it out too early and all but killed it. I had another sitting in my kitchen so come spring i planted it in the huge pot with the others.

We came home from holidays and i inspected my plants to see how they had fared in the heat. Well to my joyous surprise i discovered that all the plants in the pot were blooming.

I am so excited to see the beautiful flowers in the coming days. Here's a sneak peek:

PS i did give them a bit of fertilizer, but only once. :)