Nicole B Photo hunt #2

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Nicole B photo hunt

Here's the story to go along with my "Life event"

The pictures are mine, but here's an abbrieviated exerpt from our local paper:

"Twenty excited kids, wielding large sheets of construction paper, lined up with military precision to form a safety corridor.

Operation objective: Herd a mother duck and her 12 babies out of the Elementary’s enclosed courtyard, through the classroom, down the school halls, across a busy road, and into [the] Lake....

It’s not the first rescue operation undertaken at [the] Elementary. In 1995 the school successfully managed the same situation with a mother duck and her nine babies....

The mother and her downy babies waddled speedily through the classroom and down the halls. They navigated the human corridor across the parking lot.

Police Const. and his patrol car, lights flashing, held back traffic as the procession crossed [the] Road.

It was literally all downhill from the moment they hit [the] Park. Mama blazed a trail down the paths and through the high grass, babies stumbling and tumbling behind her...."

SOOC - popsicle (again)

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SSS - Popsicle

Not the exact same shot, but same idea. Yummy popsicle from the ice cream truck ~ takes me way back. Had to get my favorite - "rocket"

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RR - Growing

My beautiful Stargazer Lily from my sister-in-law

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Sky Watch Friday ~ countryside

I Love the never ending skyline of the countryside.
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Updated: Yes those are horses ~ here's the closer version


SOOC ~ Bear sighting

As I mentioned in the last post we went fishing, we also did a bit of hiking. On our hike to the other side of the lake, I spotted this black bear running down the hillside into the bush. He stopped just before wandering off out of sight. I suspect he knew we were watching him, so he stopped and turned to watch us. Remember you can click on the picture to get a better view...
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SSS - Fishing

We spent last weekend up at "our fishing lake" with family and friends new and old! We came home with many meals worth of fish, thanks to my hubby and his mom and dad. I'd love to fish too, but someone needs to watch the little one ☺ besides, we can't all fit in the boat. The big 'kids' aren't giving up their seats.

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I love that my hubby sees me pull out the camera and he knows exactly what i want to take a picture of! I appreciate his help in "capturing" many of my shots.


Sky Watch Friday - Rainbow

We were camping in the woods and saw this beautiful rainbow. It's pretty rare that we see both ends. But this one was awesome. Apparently it was much brighter before I got down to the water with the camera. Click on the button for more Sky Watch Friday Photos



If I had a better Zoom and had I had my tripod, this picture may have been better. You can click on it to enlarge it. From our house, on sunny days we often see parachuters. The kids love to stand on the deck and watch all the different colors floating down from the sky.

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Ring around the sun

I don't think I've ever seen this before. On Mother's Day we were outside visiting with the neighbors and Eric pointed this out. Apparently he has this glass thing he looks through every day. He likes the sky as much as me ☺

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SOOC - Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day!! Hope you are all being spoiled. We are enjoying the beautiful sunshine here.

Big Boo made this beautiful necklace for me for Mother's Day. She made it at Michaels; check out more Knack Events here.
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I received this beautiful pitcher from my friend Sarah for my birthday this past week. I have always wanted a "nice" pitcher (all i have is Tupperware) and she didn't even know. Click on the button below to head on over to Hey Harriet to see more Shadow Shots.


Tulips everywhere - Macro monday

We went to Tulip Town this weekend. It was the first time we'd had a chance to check out the Tulip Festival . I was in awe of all the beautiful varieties of tulips.
This flower was one of my favorites. My daughter took this shot.

This is one in may garden with similar coloring. I learned there that this one below is Kees Nelis.
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Mellow Yellow Monday

I love how dainty and delicate these tulips look with their lacy edges.

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SSS - walking

I love walking behind my family and taking shots of them together. I had taken this shot to use as my Shadow Shot this week. And then discovered that the theme at was walking... so here are two walking posts. My walking shot can be seen HERE.

Here's the full picture. I cropped it to showcase the shadow.

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SOOC - reel reflection

Middle Boo: That doesn't look like a good picture!
Mom: Why?
Middle Boo: Cause it looks all blurry, that's why it doesn't look like a good picture.

The kids went fishing at the fish hatchery for their cousin's birthday this week. They were all lined up waiting for their rods and I thought it was pretty neat how the reels reflected in the window. It's funny how after doing Kristi's photo hunt I still keep looking for the things on the list.

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PhotoHunt #160

Walking ~ I didn't realize this was the theme this week. But I snapped this shot of little Boo walking with Oma and Opa yesterday. Click on the button below to see more walking themes.

Round Robin - See the Music

Loving learning music at Orff class!
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Jen at Phun with Photography just told me about another photo scavenger hunt. Click on the button below to find out more.

Nicole at NicoleB Photography is hosting this contest.

Here is the list of 25 photo items needed:

1) a souvenir
2) a fish
3) a religious building
4) a fire department
5) a manhole cover
6) a postcard
7) water
8) a communication device
9) a Life event
10) a foreign stamp
11) a tree
12) the living space of a non-human
13) a street mirror
14) a decoration fixed on a house
15) a foreign flag
16) a fire
17) an antenna
18) a phone booth
19) a “verboten” sign
20) a beach
21) a cityscape
22) something goofy
23) something carved
24) an eye
25) something rural

Voting is Up!

The voting is up!! Click here to vote! Or on the button below. I'm number 17 but really vote for your favorite cause there are some awesome photos out there.

Sky watch friday

Here's a sunset in my neck of the woods. They often look like this... but i usually have to look at it over the neighbors houses. This week we were driving home and I snapped this shot.

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