SSS - walking

I love walking behind my family and taking shots of them together. I had taken this shot to use as my Shadow Shot this week. And then discovered that the theme at was walking... so here are two walking posts. My walking shot can be seen HERE.

Here's the full picture. I cropped it to showcase the shadow.

Click on this button to see more Shadow Shots today.


  1. Marvelous shadow shots! and another fun way to see our family! Thanks for sharing, Happy SSS!

  2. I do love these pictures! Very sweet.

  3. A very sweet capture! Has a very happy vibe to it :) Have a super week!

  4. Lovely catches :D
    I love to do the same. I always try to catch hubby's,mine and the doggies shadows in one shot :)

  5. This is ultra cute! Like walking in a world of happiness! And the shaows really highlight the child and man! Beautiful!