Nicole B Photo hunt #2

Here's the slideshow OR Click on the photo below to see my pictures for Nicole B's second hunt.

Nicole B photo hunt

Here's the story to go along with my "Life event"

The pictures are mine, but here's an abbrieviated exerpt from our local paper:

"Twenty excited kids, wielding large sheets of construction paper, lined up with military precision to form a safety corridor.

Operation objective: Herd a mother duck and her 12 babies out of the Elementary’s enclosed courtyard, through the classroom, down the school halls, across a busy road, and into [the] Lake....

It’s not the first rescue operation undertaken at [the] Elementary. In 1995 the school successfully managed the same situation with a mother duck and her nine babies....

The mother and her downy babies waddled speedily through the classroom and down the halls. They navigated the human corridor across the parking lot.

Police Const. and his patrol car, lights flashing, held back traffic as the procession crossed [the] Road.

It was literally all downhill from the moment they hit [the] Park. Mama blazed a trail down the paths and through the high grass, babies stumbling and tumbling behind her...."


  1. great job!
    Little Boo holding the fish - gross!! :)
    Ducklings - oh, you went to see that! Cool! Of course you knew about it, I just read about it after-the-fact.
    Communication Device - love it!
    Tree - cool, where is it?

    Great hunt!
    Sweetsauer will post hers tomorrow for June!

  2. Great job - glad you made it :D!
    Love the water shot!
    And one day someone needs to explain to me how geocaching works :D

  3. Love all your shots! the group of ducks really makes me giggles^^ well done!

  4. Hi!
    Nice shots...the tree is beautiful. I think your Life event is my favorite, must have been so exciting for all the little ones!


  5. Great shots. I enjoyed them all! The story of the little kids and the little ducks was really endearing!

  6. great jo. well done indeed

  7. Sorry i meant to type job not jo :)

  8. Ahhhhh that duck story is just tooooo wonderful! Love it! Great shots!

  9. Nice collection. My favourites are water, communication device (v striking angle) and something rural.

  10. great shots...i loved that tree!

  11. my goofy had goggles too....hope you do check it out!