This was actually at lot more difficult than I thought it would be. Every picture I have is of the complete opposite of silence... Even now as I type this there is no silence... the keys typing and little girls (who should be sleeping) giggling in the back ground.

So I snuck outside and by the light of the street light I got a little reprive...

Head over to Round Robin Photo Challenges to see much better pictures depicting "SILENCE"


  1. beautiful!!! its hard to have silence with little ones around, but enjoy them; they'll grow soooo fast!

    enjoy the day


  2. Nice evening shot! I like it...

  3. The minute you clicked on the shutter, you've captured this moment of silence. Love your photo, what a gorgeous shot.

    Have a good weekend.

  4. Hi Alexa :)

    Well done. I can understand what you mean about dealing with a total lack of silence, but I think you captured it nicely. It's all about what the challenge means to you, and you choice a nice subject for your photo, and I enjoyed the story that went with it.


  5. The little girls giggling made me smile, as did your going outside for the reprieve from the lack of silence to get just the right shot.

  6. I like your how you told your story of needing silence, as you took you picture and wrote your post. Great lighting.

  7. Hearing about your girls giggling in the background made me smile too. I'm also glad you shared the story behind the photo. It worked great for this challenge. :-)

  8. Oh I liked that night shot alot. You pulled through wonderfully ~ despite the giggling :-)

  9. Little girls giggling...sounds like my house.
    I like your night shot, too. :)