July Photo Hunt

Well seeing how it was my (and Jen's) idea to do this photo hunt this month you'd hope that we'd be able to get everything. I honestly didn't think I would finish it today, as 8 of these were taken today and two more yesterday, the rest were taken on our big holiday this month. Enjoy looking at my interpretation and I look forward to seeing all of yours!

Head over to Jen's blog to see who finished!

1. A disney character

2. someone in uniform - again difficult one... does it count?

3. a work of art - my nephew's haunted house

4. a word with unusual lettering

5. a hat

6. a tree native to your area

7. a bug

8. library - story time

9. a sign in 2 languages - this was the best i could do

10. foreign money

11. a pool

12. color purple

13. window view

14. crying

15. fruit

16. a sport - the highlight of our summer

17. sky - an amazing thunderstorm rolling in

18. license plate - hard to capture while driving

19. height - we drove up that raod to an amazing 'lookout'

20. music - to my kids ears ~ not mine


  1. fun! Great job!

    love tinkerbell! and creative uniform!
    nice fruit platter! and poor little boo crying - she's so teething, hey?!
    the bug - ya, I'm not sure why I never remembered I needed a pic of one - i'm sure you had many opportunities to capture them!
    cool sky!
    whistle...ya, music to a kids' ear!
    Pool - I guess you could call that a pool, eh?!

  2. Love the pool!!! - Aldergrove Lake I presume?
    Sky picture is great.
    Lots of fun!!!

  3. Hi Alexa,
    Great Photos! Love that height and music photo! Only a kid could love a whistle! Have a great day!